NetHui isn’t a conference run by InternetNZ. It’s a collaborative, multi-stakeholder event where New Zealand’s Internet community helps bring together the programme.

This year’s theme is “the Internet is everybody’s business”. This inclusive theme covers the importance of the Internet to all Kiwis. Whether it’s a corporate venture or a not-for-profit trying to organise a campaign, social networking or surveillance – the Internet is a part of everyone’s world. And we should keep it open, uncaptureable and innovative.

NetHui involves a range of different formats. There are keynotes and plenary panels. At the heart of NetHui are 1-hour discussion sessions on topics and issues which come from the NetHui community.

The NetHui 2015 community programme process started in December 2014 with a community submission process, where people can submit ideas or express interest in being a part of NetHui.

The NetHui 2015 community programme meeting was held on 21 May and presented an overview of the programme, suggestions so far and issues and approaches with the community.

See material from the community programme meeting

Community members are now working to bring together the sessions at the heart of NetHui – it’s not too late to get involved. We’re still keen to hear from people who want to be involved in NetHui – as a facilitator, volunteer or just to offer some ideas or contacts you think would help make NetHui 2015 even better.

Feel free to get in touch at With your help, we’re hoping that NetHui 2015 will be the best one yet.